Wednesday, 29th August 2018.

Does doing good helps when the going is not so good?

The Power of Silence – Ubiquitous yet unexplored and critical aspect during Crisis.

The crisis-management playbook.

Regulations – Controlling the very existence of business.

Case studies of manhandling crisis.

Divided Loyalties - Attaining the (Seemingly) Unattainable.

Unravelling the myths of digital media and businesses.

Reputation impact EMPLOYEES impact reputation.

Challenges the communicators face during Crisis situation.

Responsiveness and Agility – Aim of the game of Crisis.

In- house PR or Outsourcing PR team – Which one overtakes the others.

Crisis communications from the crux and crunches.

Crisis management across border.

How can PR help diffuse a crisis?

Using your employees as Crisis managers.