Our Partners

Gold Partner

Stratbeans Learning Solutions, specializes in unlocking the hidden potential of organizations, by enabling digital transformation through digital content and AI based systems, which include learning management, as well as real time performance support.
Using our digital platform, employees access learning modules, corresponding to relevant competencies, filling the skill gaps precisely. The platform generates competency heat charts, across the entire organization through intention-based technologies. The graphical heat charts are used by business leaders and managers to manage optimum mix of re-skilling of the existing employees versus hiring new talent from outside, to achieve business goals. This improves employee enagement, as well as the availability of resources for critical skills.
Stratbeans has launched - world’s first “Content Engineering LMS” (ceLMS), a new technological breakthrough, that significantly decreases the cost and implementation time of a learning programs. It enables Instructional designers, graphic designers and LMS administrators with new ways of content development, version control, sharing, approval cycle, module size optimization, and editing within the LMS itself.
Stratbeans brings rich experience of “Digital Learning Framework” creation with various levels of eLearning and digital content, ranging from interactive animations, simulations, game based, 3D to AR/VR with specialised instructional design approach, for maximum adoption among learners.
Stratbeans transforms the learning & development and skill building for the organisations, by augmenting Classroom / Instructor Lead Trainings (ILT) with mobile first LMS and LxP, which are used by more than 3 million users globally.
Stratbeans in partnership with VYOND is revolutionising animated video creation. And in partnership with Articulate Inc USA we offer, certified trainings and licenses of Articulate 360, for rapid content authoring. Brandon Hall award winner, Articulate 360 is loved by 120000+ customers globally for rapid authoring of video based learning, simulations and games.
For additional information visit our website - www.stratbeans.com

Silver Partner

Elon Musk says “Time is the ultimate currency” and Peter Drucker says “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”.

Flowace is an AI-powered employee productivity tool that helps employers, as well as employees, excel in their respective scope of work and obligations. We have been helping over 14,957 teams increase their productivity by a minimum of 20% with a 10X ROI.

Teams that work with us are able to manage their entire employee productivity nexus in-and-out with utter confidence and complete transparency. Here are some of the most common and important outcomes that companies have successfully achieved using Flowace -

  • Empower users to manage their time better against time driven goals
  • Extremely accurate cost analysis on projects vs estimated costs
  • Generate greater revenue by winning project orders with AI driven accurate bids
  • Absolute transparency and trust between managers and their teams
  • Employee wellness by preventing employees from overworking/burning out
  • Skyrocketed productivity across the entire organization
  • Fairer employee reward system by measuring effort, focus & efficiency
  • Totally get rid off employee moonlighting
  • Outdoor work transparency
  • Better work-life balance
Flowace has pledged to transform the course of modern workflows and enriching overall employee experience.

Do not monitor or micromanage! Flowace is built with the core intention to empower your teams and create a healthy, motivated, transparent and high performing workforce that will give you explosive, exponential growth.

For more information, please visit www.flowace.ai

Exhibit partner

Pando is a global leader in supply chain technology, building the world's quickest time to value Fulfilment Cloud platform. Pando’s Fulfilment Cloud helps manufacturers, retailers and 3PLs a single pane of glass to streamline the logistics of supplier collaboration and customer order fulfilment to improve service levels, carbon footprint and costs. As a partner of choice for Fortune 500 enterprises globally, with a presence across APAC, the Middle East, and the US, Pando is also recognised as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Global manufacturers and retailers use Pando’s platform for end-to-end supply chain visibility, network intelligent dispatch planning and optimisation, freight audit and payment, predictive analytics, and running a central control tower for logistics. Pando’s customers who are global manufacturers vouch for Pando’s quick time to value, quantifiable ROI, and ability to easily integrate with both enterprise technology systems and carrier technology systems.

If you are embarking on digital transformation for your logistics operations reach out to Pando at - www.pando.ai